Man Digs a Hole in a Mountain and Turns it Into an Amazing Apartment 

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Big cities have many amenities and attractions, but it doesn't compare to the calm of the countryside. This man grew tired of living in the big city and returned to his hometown, where he now uses all his knowledge and resourcefulness to dig a house in the mountains. Could you build something like this? Leave your answer in the comments

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9 июн 2021




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대한민국 3 часа назад
그러니 니들은 문화유산이 없는거야 그 실력으로 밖에다 짓지 왜 산을 파서 만드는지...
MICROPENS 3 часа назад
20mil views and the comments are shit.
Sparkplug The Protogen
Sparkplug The Protogen 3 часа назад
Starter survival bases in minecraft be like:
FKHH2014 Fkhh2014
FKHH2014 Fkhh2014 3 часа назад
You should write your name on the rock . it for future. You are great . May allah helps you. 你应该在岩石上写下你的名字。它为未来。你很棒 。愿真主帮助你。
Antoinette Aquiningoc
Antoinette Aquiningoc 3 часа назад
Wow?! That was amazing and absolutely incredible what he was able to do all by himself?! The end result was stunning! Labor intensive but well worth the effort!! I can’t imagine what the final product will look like but I know it’s going to be AWESOME!! 👍❤️👏 God bless him .... in JESUS Name. ❤️👍🙏
น่าชวนดู ชาแนล
Let's see how to drill him to make a house. It's amazing.
Сергей Степанов #Step_montage
Зае6ись, наверное, бытовым перфоратором горную породу фигачить. Балаболы
AKI YAKI 3 часа назад
откуда халявное электричество? А?
Marc Stoudmann
Marc Stoudmann 3 часа назад
Love this, thank you for sharing. My dream is to have a house like this one day.
에보킹71 Ahn
에보킹71 Ahn 3 часа назад
정말 대단하네요. 함 견학가보고싶네요~~^^
ddrusa 3 часа назад
Yiu are now a flintstone
Richard Whitehead Orange1968UK (Ørange1968UK)
great work.. where was Mr's Tiger?
muhamad ilham
muhamad ilham 3 часа назад
Amazing i from indonesia
B B 3 часа назад
He better pray mother nature don't get mad.
The Explorer Penguin
The Explorer Penguin 3 часа назад
How mountains are destroyed by big giant companies for resources look at this in small project..so down your consumption ... otherwise your kid leave you alone and become part of Elon project..SpaceX have plan for Mars 😂😂
serath78 3 часа назад
Chris 3 часа назад
Very cool video. Love the ingenuity. You really should wear ear protection when core drilling, especially in a small space.
ken gruz
ken gruz 3 часа назад
No ear or eye protection.
Neil Berry
Neil Berry 3 часа назад
Legendairy 3 часа назад
mans really tryna game in peace
Pablo Cardoso
Pablo Cardoso 3 часа назад
Um dia eu farei algo assim
Fabian Seewald
Fabian Seewald 3 часа назад
anyone who has ever broken rock for a living knows what this guy went through
Berin Thomas
Berin Thomas 3 часа назад
Know ear plugs or defenders he must be near deaf.
Amir ZM
Amir ZM 3 часа назад
gives new meaning to the phrase "man cave"
ad.n_servis 3 часа назад
Дааа фантазия развита хорошо... молодец
Heidi Beaver
Heidi Beaver 3 часа назад
your so creative proud of you
Heidi Beaver
Heidi Beaver 3 часа назад
the plants everything about beautifull work
Heidi Beaver
Heidi Beaver 3 часа назад
your amazing love it ,by yourself wow
bassjammincaleb 3 часа назад
Wow and I thought I had some talented tool working skillz!! This guy takes the cake and then some! 😮 Makes me want to invest in some mountain side property
mohammed sharif
mohammed sharif 3 часа назад
Wasting everything just for name and fame. Just playing with nature
gaurav raj
gaurav raj 3 часа назад
Now he will cook bat + cockroach 🪳 + frog 🐸 soup
The Best
The Best 3 часа назад
Зато не в ипотеку
Gonha G
Gonha G 3 часа назад
After all this someone asked him: what did it cost You. And he replied: whaaaat!? I can’t hear a shit. Seriously guys wear ear protection on jobs like this. You have no idea how loud that type of work is. Especially in such a small room made entirely of stone.
Utsav Gurung
Utsav Gurung 3 часа назад
Where is the toilet?
Ralf Kohl
Ralf Kohl 3 часа назад
Wow 🤩
XiaoSpetsnaz 3 часа назад
True talent and skill! Amazing and so damn beautiful!
Trendy Insight
Trendy Insight 3 часа назад
This house is super cool and amazing! Now I wanna find a mountain of my own and do a build! Who else is thinking the same?
lintang katon
lintang katon 3 часа назад
Scarlet Crimsonite
Scarlet Crimsonite 3 часа назад
It should cost way more than your taxes, because he made it all by his hands. I guess.
Bacon Pizza
Bacon Pizza 3 часа назад
This is me playing Valheim
lariii ada pp mikey
lariii ada pp mikey 3 часа назад
Gw orng indo pertama 😠😠
J “trupek56” K
J “trupek56” K 3 часа назад
2:01 this is pretty nice dubstep line :D
Charles Mack
Charles Mack 3 часа назад
I'll stay in my stick built home.
Bruno F
Bruno F 3 часа назад
This video demonstrates what a man can do when he has no one around to bust his balls
Prof Von Shredder
Prof Von Shredder 3 часа назад
And some of us can’t even get off the couch when the Uber-Eats guy knocks at the door with our lunch
Yoel Truffin
Yoel Truffin 3 часа назад
Un peligro
NotAWoman 3 часа назад
This looks like hard work but kind of fun.
marina aleynikova
marina aleynikova 3 часа назад
Robinson Krusow
Arnie Geddon
Arnie Geddon 3 часа назад
That is some very soft, very weak stone. If that man actually tries to live there...he will die there when it collapses. There's a reason miners install support frames in their mine shafts and tunnels.
Aaron McCollough
Aaron McCollough 3 часа назад
Reminds me of my first night in Minecraft
Meredith Macdonald
Meredith Macdonald 3 часа назад
This is the coolest thing Ive ever seen on the internet.
Syafiq Afdhal
Syafiq Afdhal 4 часа назад
nothing special here
Fran Raymond
Fran Raymond 4 часа назад
Cutting rock kicks up a helluva lot of dust. How do his clothes still look clean??
Florient Leonard
Florient Leonard 4 часа назад
Dam- he needs to have some sons or young men to train-
pea tier
pea tier 4 часа назад
mountain shifts man dies
MAMG 4 часа назад
Link of the songs pls
christopher zorinsanga
christopher zorinsanga 4 часа назад
Now i guess we can appreciate the Indian rock-cut architecture much more
Kamakchi A.V
Kamakchi A.V 4 часа назад
He is a God of architect
KageMinowara 4 часа назад
So is this the Minecraft sequel I've been hearing about? The graphics are amazing.
Mark Edwards
Mark Edwards 4 часа назад
where was the power point for the electric tools?
Andi Mustari
Andi Mustari 4 часа назад
Mana Nih Orang indonesia yang Menonton?
Rthn Dd
Rthn Dd 4 часа назад
الشعب والمواطن يحاسب على المليم والجنيه والحكومه تنهب ترليونيات سنويا من عشرات السنيين ومفيش حد بيحاسبها الوضع لايحتمل لابد نرجع خلافه اسلاميه عادله هلكونا ولاد الكلب حكومات ماسونيه دجاليه دمرت الشعوب الاسلاميه وطحنتها فقر وانظمه ظالمه وظرائب وغلاء وعمل متواصل منهك قاتل .. وحواجز ولجان وقوانيبن قاتله مستبده ولقاح اجباري وهم يعلموا خطره ونتائجه السلبيه قتل للشعوب عيني عينك..الثوره الثوره الثوره ظد الحكومات الماسونيه الشيطانيه .....
горец макклауд
горец макклауд 4 часа назад
Браво , нет слов , это просто супер.
Mark Flowers
Mark Flowers 4 часа назад
Absolutely amazing! 90 percent of people don't have the ability to put together a piece of IKEA furniture much less building their own home in the side of a mountain. Loved the video and the final outcome even more.
ZosimoFPS 4 часа назад
This is awesome wow
yasoual 4 часа назад
safety first buddy...Metal-cap shoes, gloves, hard hat. good result ;-)
rebeke Ademir Leal
rebeke Ademir Leal 4 часа назад
Bela obra , feita com ousadia, esforços , dedicação e profissionalismo pelos grandes arquitetos e engenheiros Da "Montanha" A natureza agradece esse feito. E quem for visitar essa arquitetura montanhosa, vai Adorar o clima e a paisagem. Parabéns a todos vocês que criaram essa obra maravilhosa.
Andreas Huber
Andreas Huber 4 часа назад
I am missing the bathroom with toilet and garage for a big SUV.
ramarao namburi
ramarao namburi 4 часа назад
Can be rightly called as one man army amazing job and skill.
Oh bugun yine harikayim
Oh bugun yine harikayim 4 часа назад
Cakmaktaslar bunu begendi
ajmal yusaf
ajmal yusaf 4 часа назад
Multi dimensional man...❤🧡👌
Gor Mor
Gor Mor 4 часа назад
Ah, so this is what my neighbor upfloors project is.
1'A 56T
1'A 56T 4 часа назад
merusak alam. punya izin ga ini?
Crystal Phillips
Crystal Phillips 4 часа назад
Great Job!
Niara R
Niara R 4 часа назад
You guys should search about "manjhi"
Bruce Nolte
Bruce Nolte 4 часа назад
Any ear protection ?
Alevtina E
Alevtina E 4 часа назад
he is using a lot of tools, so smart
UberTuberBackPacker 4 часа назад
So cavemen do still exist! My teacher was wrong!
Josey Wales
Josey Wales 4 часа назад
Can't believe he still has eye balls.
Brian 4 часа назад
Oops. Forgot to build a shower and toilet?
Jesus Christ i Is coming Soon
Jesus Christ i Is coming Soon 4 часа назад
Nice 👍🏼 Builder Superhero Master 🤗🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️
crmlsrcn 4 часа назад
Eccezionale. In Italia sarebbe un " terribile " abuso.
Владимир 4 часа назад
Когда не дали квартиру в ипотеку 😂😂
Turbo Pokey
Turbo Pokey 4 часа назад
Is neat as anything, but seems like just as much work/effort as building a free standing structure. Don't get me wrong, I'd be more than happy to live in place like this as long as the local inspectors didn't come along and condemn the place and force me to leave.
Mr.ßlack 4 часа назад
''One Earthquake''🤯🤯
Corayn Bell
Corayn Bell 4 часа назад
Fantastic. Could do with him in my house. Great achievement!
William Vaughan
William Vaughan 4 часа назад
He should be wearing hearing protection
Michael Michaels
Michael Michaels 4 часа назад
Minecraft in real life. But easier... He don't have to handle hostile mobs.
William Vaughan
William Vaughan 4 часа назад
I always wanted to do that. House of rock lasts millions of years!
Коля Калыч
Коля Калыч 4 часа назад
"Адвокат" MR.TIGER'S.)
Jinyo 4 часа назад
Wish I had this guy as a colonist in Rimworld he must be like a system wide master in mining or something, he is a pretty good carpenter and builder too.
sandhya Hari
sandhya Hari 4 часа назад
In Forest to use that machine u need ⚡Electricity ... But howww🧐🙄
Carie B
Carie B 4 часа назад
This young man is amazing. To make a house in a freaking mountain. I would of never thought to do something like that. But where is the water and power coming from, it's a mountain.
Wayne G
Wayne G 4 часа назад
Hope he does a Radon test
77Alekcei 4 часа назад
А это вообще законно? 🤔
Felipe Eduardo
Felipe Eduardo 4 часа назад
Panda King
Panda King 4 часа назад
Smart and work hard 💖💖👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸
شتحس 4 часа назад
ماين كرافت ✔
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