Hermitcraft 7: Episode 1 - HERE WE GO! 

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Hermitcraft 7: Episode 1 - HERE WE GO! Season 7 of hermitcraft has begun and Grian is in it! What antics will happen this time?



28 фев 2020




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MrWestonO 3 часа назад
who else watched this due to nostalgia from Season 7
Emery James
Emery James 8 часов назад
Ok how was he on some rocket thing
Lil Mushroom YT
Lil Mushroom YT 12 часов назад
Grian: “rotten flesh” Subtitles: “rotten floor”
The Endernal
The Endernal 22 часа назад
There is a reason this has over 12 million views... Because it's amazing
Fraz День назад
12 million views 🤓
Waylon Priday
Waylon Priday 2 дня назад
i rly want that seed
Cloud 2 дня назад
I’ve just started watching season 7 for the first time after finishing season 6, watching the chaos of starting over again is great and a nice way to de-stress in these days
K Gratia
K Gratia 2 дня назад
Just to think back to this episode... (i only watched until ep 60)
The random show
The random show 3 дня назад
Random Hermitcraft member starts the new Hermitcraft season Xisumavoid: EPISODE 9294729103846273920394736383930293837391837382930383027462819204862397374673829202038736473829920202837364 FOUND THE MOTHERLOAD OF ORES
K Gratia
K Gratia 2 дня назад
Raiden Merto
Raiden Merto 3 дня назад
Andres Luis Jugo
Andres Luis Jugo 3 дня назад
Filo1203 4 дня назад
Magical_ Starz
Magical_ Starz 5 дней назад
Grian: *taking about 64 seeds to have best friends forever with the parrot* Me: *feeds the parrot got the achievement* FROM THE FIRST TRY
Stick-mation 5 дней назад
How has no one noticed that grian mined dirt with a pickaxe at 14:58
Brock 5 дней назад
do they have a mod so that you can get all the mob heads or something?
Gabe The Dog
Gabe The Dog 4 дня назад
A datapack.
Hot Dog
Hot Dog 5 дней назад
P a i n Be like
scrwdrvr 6 дней назад
starting hermitcraft after 3rd life smp... this should be fun 😄
Patricia Newman
Patricia Newman 5 дней назад
hehe same!!
Some Dude
Some Dude 6 дней назад
Mumbo: Already got diamond armor Grian: Just finished getting a pet bird
Quantum 6 дней назад
What about proffesor Beak? u forgot about him
Fathima Moidu
Fathima Moidu 6 дней назад
Pixel Bowser
Pixel Bowser 6 дней назад
Who’s here waiting for season 8?
Nova 6 дней назад
“I am totally going to do something cool with this”. Doesn’t do anything with it
carinevdm 6 дней назад
I can’t believe this season is over
EggNinja 7 дней назад
Blazing Blitz234
Blazing Blitz234 7 дней назад
Ah the start of the season 7 so old this is so nostalgic
Kai Chisaki
Kai Chisaki 8 дней назад
Grian in hermitcraft first episode-kills scar with zombie- Also Brian in 3rd life first episode-kills scar with creeper-
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna give you up 8 дней назад
i refuse to believe hermitcraft 7 started a year ago.
Rthecool12 8 дней назад
I think we all know why we’re here right now
sleepy beanie
sleepy beanie 8 дней назад
Bdubs was legit flirting with Iskall at 7:28, look at the chat-
Buphord The Bee
Buphord The Bee 8 дней назад
what a trip
Ishaan66 You bot
Ishaan66 You bot 9 дней назад
Wow the series ended and now it got recommended to me
joanne jogie
joanne jogie 9 дней назад
Hey build a house out of wood and plan glass and Tree flores do it please
d mulders
d mulders 8 дней назад
The season ended dummie
Al Aaraf Zahan
Al Aaraf Zahan 9 дней назад
announcer 10 дней назад
This man taught me how to build
Dalton Brunsing
Dalton Brunsing 10 дней назад
Who else is watching this video after Grian’s hermitcraft finale?
just_wakeup 10 дней назад
Time to rewatch the whole series from the start (untill s8 happens)
Fett 10 дней назад
Nostalgia after watching last episode 😔
hafiz danish
hafiz danish 10 дней назад
Cool Gamer
Cool Gamer 10 дней назад
Where it all started...
Creeperman Plays
Creeperman Plays 10 дней назад
Grian at the start: “I have no diamonds” Grian at the end: *has like 7 stacks of diamond blocks
Iyah and Rham World
Iyah and Rham World 10 дней назад
Ouch I'm back here again
Arda Yelen
Arda Yelen 10 дней назад
A mistake that people make is making zombie farms when you can put a water logged cobweb or a long place of water and make them drowned getting tridents nautilus shells and heart of sea maybe even carrots or potatoes same xp though
Evangelli Aquino
Evangelli Aquino 11 дней назад
I love how the time this is recommended, the time where the season is ending...
Anime Fan9000
Anime Fan9000 11 дней назад
Can't wait for season 8 😁
Kra-Z Animations
Kra-Z Animations 11 дней назад
from the end to the beggining
Rafael Le Cavalier
Rafael Le Cavalier 11 дней назад
You have to give the Parrot fruit seeds lol
pro gameing zone bd
pro gameing zone bd 11 дней назад
Me who watching the first episode again after the end of the season
joanne jogie
joanne jogie 11 дней назад
Hey build a House in craft man ok now
Terminator GamingYT
Terminator GamingYT 11 дней назад
When he said "Bye!" like that it reminded me of Stampy.
Luke Chansky
Luke Chansky 11 дней назад
Duncan Wells00
Duncan Wells00 12 дней назад
Why did RUhouse just recommend this
Raykudo64 12 дней назад
Here after the season end. Thank you for the memories Grian. See you in Season 8!
Sydney Blowers
Sydney Blowers 12 дней назад
the mineing you did was great not horribal
Diamond ore
Diamond ore 12 дней назад
Do 100 day in Minecraft
Devon Fox
Devon Fox 12 дней назад
That is scar
Eli pester
Eli pester 12 дней назад
Lol it was four minutes before he punched a tree
The Gjgod
The Gjgod 13 дней назад
"Zombutts" -Grian 2020
To Much Toetems
To Much Toetems 13 дней назад
and you dont use it
Felix McKinney
Felix McKinney 13 дней назад
Pesky grian
Parham Ahmadi
Parham Ahmadi 13 дней назад
Its over :(
Avery Vonfrank
Avery Vonfrank 13 дней назад
who else is rewatching this waiting for season 8
Johanna L.
Johanna L. 12 дней назад
are you also watching 3rd life ???
Johanna L.
Johanna L. 12 дней назад
I am !!!
Justin Rambo
Justin Rambo 13 дней назад
the end is here
Aryan Rings
Aryan Rings 13 дней назад
When You realize how bad he is at pvp. Couldnt even hit a zombie properly
The_ H_man_Human
The_ H_man_Human 13 дней назад
This was posted before the ‘rona
The_ H_man_Human
The_ H_man_Human 13 дней назад
Bro the memories rewatching this brings is crazy
Rajat Khatua
Rajat Khatua 13 дней назад
Sweet sweet rotten exp
noblink_titan 14 дней назад
4:33 And then he never did
Johanna L.
Johanna L. 12 дней назад
haha, yeah
Pablo joel Aban
Pablo joel Aban 14 дней назад
Who's here after season 7 ended
Alexandra Ramelb
Alexandra Ramelb 14 дней назад
Part of the “rewatching this series now that it’s over” gang :D Trying to fill the void left now that season 7 is over for most of the hermits XD
SP0RKB01 12 дней назад
muzz 14 дней назад
Johanna L.
Johanna L. 12 дней назад
grian, grain, brian, groin
KyloRenz Den
KyloRenz Den 12 дней назад
What the hell happened here
muzz 14 дней назад
@Phantom Clarence YESSSSS
Phantom Clarence
Phantom Clarence 14 дней назад
Heaven 14 дней назад
cant believe this series is already finish...
Cami-X9 14 дней назад
whos watching this when season 7 has just ended?
Johanna L.
Johanna L. 12 дней назад
and meee !!!
《 Musical _ Galaxie 》
《 Musical _ Galaxie 》 14 дней назад
BlindingLight 14 дней назад
Man, now that the season is over, watching this feels so surreal
Dynamic Dytemite
Dynamic Dytemite 15 дней назад
Hard to believe it's already been a year
Omega Games
Omega Games 15 дней назад
This DID NOT feel like a year already
PhantomKindaDraws 15 дней назад
rewatching o7
Raeden Woodring
Raeden Woodring 15 дней назад
Grian: says he's going to do something cool with garden. If you are just starting watching this he never does
Clayton Hekman
Clayton Hekman 15 дней назад
'The mountains are so dull and cold' -Grian Goes and builds a giant mansion in a mountains biome
MakieMeow 15 дней назад
And the pEsKy BiRd begins.
blaz_plays 15 дней назад
Make explode 2 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Ye Gamers Guild Podcast
Ye Gamers Guild Podcast 15 дней назад
I’m rewatching the series all over again, after the finale
SmolChub 15 дней назад
btw, lapis lazuli is about as common as diamonds
shiyadh shareef
shiyadh shareef 15 дней назад
It was so great seen this again can't whait for season 8 😙
Itsurgurl CHLOE
Itsurgurl CHLOE 15 дней назад
Grain: Im really good at redstone Me: THIS IS THE FIRST MINECRAFT RUhouseR WHO IS GOOD AT REDSTONE
DoctorPoke 15 дней назад
Now that season 7 is "over" I'm gonna binge watch this entire thing
Ilias Filip
Ilias Filip 15 дней назад
The Season is over, let us experience the journey from the very beginning... again.
Marvel_ Geek747
Marvel_ Geek747 15 дней назад
Who’s here after watching season sevens end
Alessio Vega
Alessio Vega 15 дней назад
Use me as a “I came here after season 7 ended” button
Gaming hypred play truo
Gaming hypred play truo 15 дней назад
Grain can you show your face please
Alphish 15 дней назад
0:04 is he singing the mumbo jumbo song?
HHMINGO5 15 дней назад
Lisa Schröpfer
Lisa Schröpfer 15 дней назад
Rewatching after that grand final 🙈
Tyler Abner
Tyler Abner 15 дней назад
Watched Mumbos season 7 now looking at grians POV
HHMINGO5 15 дней назад
wait what
Guineapig365 16 дней назад
Anyone else rewatching entire series? ;)
MewMew Kittens
MewMew Kittens 16 дней назад
GalaxyWolf 17
GalaxyWolf 17 16 дней назад
Me not coming back after it ends crying my face off.
i. 16 дней назад
who else is rewatching already after the final episode
Aidan Niklas Wang
Aidan Niklas Wang 16 дней назад
RockE 16 дней назад
Haven't watched the series yet and even though the latest episode is called "the end" I'm taking my time to watch it all. a
Anonomys Resister
Anonomys Resister 15 дней назад
It is spectacular!
HHMINGO5 15 дней назад
good luck (its so good btw)
MewMew Kittens
MewMew Kittens 16 дней назад
- 16 дней назад
Who is here after he ended the season? (Season 7)
I how are you
I how are you 16 дней назад
Who’s watching after the seasons ended
Ben Lane
Ben Lane 16 дней назад
Ali 16 дней назад
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