Emanet 130. Bölüm | Legacy Episode 130 

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.




5 мар 2021




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mihrilee Месяц назад
Yaman: Cenger, Yusuf's aunt was in an accident. We are in the hospital. She's in good condiion, but she needs to stay here for a while. You're coming here right now. You have to be with her. Do not show anything to Yusuf. Neslihan: You shouldn't have got off. Thank you so much for bringing me up here. Good thing you showed up. I was very afraid that I would be late. Firat: You're welcome. I am glad I brought you up on time. Neslihan: See you. I have to do this job. Firat: Good luck. Should I wait? I shouldn't wait or she'll get it wrong. Seher: Open the door! Do you hear me? Open up! Open the door! Stop the car! Let's talk! Open the door! Open up! Stop the car! Come on! Stop! Please, let's talk! I beg you! Stop! Cenger: Best wishes. Seher: Thank you, brother Cenger. Cenger: Thank God you got over the accident with a few scratches. How do you feel? Seher: I'm fine. I just have a little pain. Cenger: Mr. Yaman immediately brought you to the hospital and called me to take care of you. Seher: Thank you, brother Cenger for being here with me. Cenger: Let me inform the nurse that you are awake. Seher: "He brought me, but he didn't wait for me. He's gone." What is happening? Why are you acting like this? "Whatever is going on in your head, I will not let you hold me down. I will not hang my head until I know what happened." Seher: We have to choose a shirt and tie. Where are they? Yaman: What are you looking for? Seher: I'm looking for the shirt and tie you wore while going to work dinner the other day. With them... You looked... Yaman: What? Seher: I mean, they were in harmony. Girl: Yes, it was an amazing day. Let's repeat it as soon as possible. You were saying I was going to a meeting, what happened? Why are you waiting? Oh God... Neslihan: Hello. It's me Neslihan. I got a call from here an hour ago. They have applied discounts on course fees today. I asked the secretary but she said she had no idea. She wanted to see me with you. Woman: Hello, Miss Neslihan. At first welcome. Actually, it is out of the question for us to apply a discount on today. Was it a misunderstanding? Neslihan: I don't think it's a mistake. I got called from here. Who is doing this kind of calls? Can you ask that person? Girl: Excuse me. My bag was just standing here. There was my money for the fee. But it's gone. There was only this friend here. I'm sure. There was my money in my bag. Can you check the friend's bag please? Adalet: Thank God. I was very afraid that something serious happened. Cenger: Miss Seher is in good condition. She is resting now. Adalet: What's wrong with Mr. Yaman? He entered the mansion gasping through his nose. It's obvious that Seher's accident shook him so much, but... he was so angry that I could not understand. Did something bad happen in the hospital? Yusuf: Did my aunt have an accident? Adalet: I have to hang up, Mr. Cenger. Yusufcum... shall we talk a little with you? Yusuf: No. I will go to my uncle. Yusuf: Uncle... is my aunt in the hospital? Yaman: Yes, my little fire. Your aunt is in the hospital. But she's in good condition, don't worry. Yusuf: We should go to the hospital too. Maybe she's still sick. If I hug her, she'll be fine. Uncle, please... we should go to the hospital too. Please! Girl: I want the girl to be searched. Immediately! I know she took it. She should give me my money back. Woman: Miss, please calm down. Miss Neslihan says I didn't do it. Neslihan: I say I didn't take it. What does it mean to search me? You can't treat me as a thief. Girl: If you didn't take it, then who took it? There was nobody but you here. My money was in my pocket when I left it. What are you waiting for? Call the police! Security: Okay, if necessary we'll call. Let's leave the screaming first. Please, calm down. Girl: He still says if necessary. I went away to talk on the phone for two minutes. I say, my money was in my pocket when I left. When I came back it was no longer there. There was no one else here but this girl. Are you calling the police, or should I call them? Woman: Okay, we'll call the police. If there is a problem, it will be understood when they come. Miss Neslihan, please sit down. Neslihan: Please, don't call the police. It's so embarrassing. I tell you I didn't do it. Security: Wait a second. Girl: My money isn't in my bag. Security: Good day, there was an incident of theft at our workplace. Girl: Stop the girl! Yaman: Your aunt is here, my little fire. Come on, go in. Yusuf: Are you not coming in? Yaman: Later. Come on, you go in. Yusuf: I was very scared, auntie. Cenger: Welcome, little sir. Yusuf: Hello, uncle Cenger. Cenger: I should leave you both alone. Yusuf: You really got better, right? Seher: Yes, I'm better. But when the time passes, I'll be even better. I can even tell you a fairy tale today before you go to sleep. Yusuf: When we go home, I can sleep between you again, okay? If I cuddle and sleep with you, you'll get better soon, okay? Okay, auntie? Ikbal: Pick up Zuhal! Pick up! Zuhal: God damn it! Yes, sister! Ikbal: I've been calling for hours, why don't you pick up the phone? Zuhal: Because I'm trying to find out where the voice record is gone. Ikbal: Did you find it? Please say, you found it. Zuhal: I found something. I found it, but Nedim took every precaution. He put his men in front of the studio. Ikbal: What do you do, get rid of those guys. Or try to do business with one of the men. Let him tell Nedim that the recordings are real. Zuhal: How am I gonna do what you said? How will I do? Do you think Nedim is stupid? Doesn't Nedim know that someone are trying to prevent this business? We are doing it all in vain! I suggest you pack all your stuff... and we get the hell out of there by ourselves before Yaman makes us! Ikbal: No way! I would never allow such a thing after all this trouble! You will find a way to do whatever and get into that studio, Zuhal. Zuhal: I did everything I could! There's no way to get into that goddamn studio! Ikbal: It can't be... Yaman should not find out what we did. If he finds out, he makes us pay the price. I have not come easy these days. Yaman shouldn't find out about them. He can't find out. It cannot end like this. Ziya: Ikbal... I made coffee with milk for you. Come on, drink it. Enjoy. Ikbal: Ziya, get out! Ziya: But it's very good, Ikbal. Ikbal: Ziya, I said get out! Ziya: Okay. You calm down. I'll make another one for you later if you want. Ikbal: Ziya, get out! Please, get out! Kiraz: It was my fault. I made Ibo get so hopeful, my Commissar. Ali: Don't blame yourself. Let bygones be bygones. Kiraz: We have to do something. We need to find a way for him not to go. Ali: I talked to him, but he's not going to be convinced. Kiraz: My Commissar, you're going to be angry at me again for interfering with everything, but I feel obliged to do something. Ali: Do what you want. Kiraz: Kara... I should talk to her first. Ali: Everyone in education. They won't come any more. And I say don't interfere Kara again in this issue. Kiraz: You're right. I found it. I call Ibo to dinner in the evening. I will make his favorite food. Meanwhile, I made him change his mind. Ali: Okay. Kiraz: I do not have another choice. Anyway... I should leave. You eat. I'm very busy at the restaurant. Good luck, my Commissar. Ali: Ditto. Cenger: Let me help you. Seher: Thank you, brother Cenger. Yusuf: Auntie look... I held you again. You didn't fall. Seher: Yes, honey. You hold my hand tight Yusuf: But my uncle is the strongest, he should hold your hand. Seher: You're holding my hand, sweetheart. And you're uncle Cenger helps too. Yusuf: But if my uncle holds your hand, you will never fall. And if you fall, my uncle will be very upset. Right, uncle? Adalet: Seher... welcome. Best wishes. Seher: Thank you, sister Adalet. Ikbal: Sehercim... you very scared us. Are you okay? Seher: I'm fine. Nothing serious. Ikbal: How did this accident happen, Yamancim? Seher: Stop the car! Come on! Stop! I beg you! Stop! I was in front of the door... I didn't notice the car. I mean, it was my carelessness. Ikbal: Oh God... Get well soon, my dear. Seher: Thanks. Yaman: She have to rest, sister in law. Ikbal: Okay, Yamancim. Go to your room and rest. Adalet, you take care of them. Adalet: Of course, Miss Ikbal. Adalet: Seher, do you have a request for me? Do you want me to stay with you? Seher: No, sister Adalet. Thank you so much. If I need something, I will let you know. Adalet: Okay, my daughter. Do you have a request for me, Mr. Yaman? Yaman: No. You can go. Adalet: Come on, Yusuf. Let your aunt a little rest. Yusuf: Auntie, you rest a little. I'll be back soon. Seher: Okay, sweetheart. If you have time... Yaman: I have things to take care of.
Alka Dhamija
Alka Dhamija День назад
Erdisa Xhizdari
Erdisa Xhizdari 6 дней назад
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Carol Scibetta
Carol Scibetta 19 дней назад
thank you Mihrilee xo
Newbie Fighter
Newbie Fighter 20 дней назад
@mihrilee thanks to you my dear. this episode is really hurt.
Hilda Estillore
Hilda Estillore 22 дня назад
Thanks dear mehrillee
Enida Dema
Enida Dema День назад
Yaman sürün köpek gibi inşallah seni hic ama hic affetmez çünkü senin gibi bir varlık hic değişmez her pisliğe inanır ama sana güvenmez.Hicbir böyle varlığa katlanmak zorunda değilsiniz hic siz mutlu olmaya hakk ediyorsunuz kadınlar en iyisini hakk ediyorsunuz.Psikologa gitsin iyileşsin ama bi kadın hic iyileştirmek gibi bir zorunluğu yok.Psikologa gidin.Emin olun ki bir erkek olmadan da cok huzurlu olursunuz,mutlu olursunuz,özgür olursunuz
Rufət Məmmədli
Rufət Məmmədli 2 дня назад
Yamanın şirkətində Zühal bağırır kameraya düşmür çox saçma
Rufət Məmmədli
Rufət Məmmədli 2 дня назад
Neslihanın hırsızlıq anı lap gülməli kamera yokmu
Amazing kids Doha
Amazing kids Doha 4 дня назад
Lots of love from 🇶🇦 😍😍😍😍 @mihrilee
Filiz sydney
Filiz sydney 5 дней назад
I dont know what to say but what the fuck did you guys do with the story. You ruined it. Thsnks
F Stan
F Stan 6 дней назад
37:09 Yaman had forgotten that when he gave her the card, She went out with Ikbal and returned with Ikbal. So if she had used that card Ikbal must have seen it. Also if they look at the credit card statement he will not see the pen there. He never investigated the jewelry stores. She even paid for the pen cash because she could not find the card. That Nedim is really stupid. He proved to be a useless man. The voice recording could have been given to more than one person to check (I don't think money was an issue) The same with handwriting could bee shown to more than one person. He knows Seher he could be more persistent to find the truth. All credit card receipts have time stamp and date on them. That alone could show him Seher could not have gone to all those stores when she was with Ikbal.
kartini mey
kartini mey 14 дней назад
Antasari Br. Simarmata
Antasari Br. Simarmata 15 дней назад
iqbaal kocası stresli Beloon yani karısı kötü, ölmeli
Масимова Закия
Масимова Закия 17 дней назад
Yaziqlar osun!😪😪😪
Annette Moonsammy
Annette Moonsammy 17 дней назад
Yaman is being illiterate
Kinga Basarab
Kinga Basarab 17 дней назад
Jaki to serial po polsku
Arife Larssen
Arife Larssen 23 дня назад
Typisch Mann
Marly Oliveira
Marly Oliveira 26 дней назад
Eu amo assistir essa novela
Тагмина Гусейнова
Тагмина Гусейнова 26 дней назад
Ah ziyacim buldugun weyi yiksaydun keske
Bibi Baksh
Bibi Baksh 28 дней назад
Unfortunately these are real life events, however, nothing stays hidden I n the dark forever. I can’t wait for the day the truth finally comes out and Iqbal , Zuhal and Selim get what they deserve.
Pakize Tatham
Pakize Tatham 28 дней назад
It’s absolutely unbelievable Seher does not defend herself. Rubbish. I thought she was a fighter. Did the writer forget that
Naciye Sultancicek
Naciye Sultancicek Месяц назад
Gercekdede hep iyiler eziliyor isde boyle yazik vicdanzizlik yapma yaman
Naciye Sultancicek
Naciye Sultancicek Месяц назад
Yaman cok cirkin oluyorsun yazikdir
Nermin Sixalieva
Nermin Sixalieva Месяц назад
Sende sehercin hec olasan bunda boyle bil
Nermin Sixalieva
Nermin Sixalieva Месяц назад
Yaman artiq seher yaziklar olsun guvendiyin o cukura sende dusesen ondan sonra pesman olasan artiq seher hec haketmirsen
Brenda Naylor
Brenda Naylor Месяц назад
you left her .......................dam you just screwing up big time...............when the truth comes i hope she is the one stepping over you, gasping for air. her last breath is for yusuf
Marli Tereza
Marli Tereza Месяц назад
Ver em português ou espanhol
Шухрат Джалилов
Шухрат Джалилов Месяц назад
Салом УзбекистанданАллохим Ямен ва Сехар бирга булсин ташакур сценаристларга ажойиб кино
Joyce Parker
Joyce Parker Месяц назад
I understand that in all drama romances we have to endure unpalatable scenarios but this is physical and mental torture that is being dragged out I can only imagine to satisfy the writers very warped and probably bitter life experiences. I hope Seher finds her voice and stands up because Cenger who knows what is in the file has done little to help. Nedim is useless as head of security because Yaman has not grilled any of his findings or questioned what else he had failed to checl. Jewelers are crammed with cameras why no one has checked those for movements or questioned the other jewelers evidence leaks like a sieve. Let's hope for more evidence to emerge and soon because Sehers story is painful to watch!
Aliye Erdogan
Aliye Erdogan Месяц назад
yaman da tam salakmis
Kh. Ra.
Kh. Ra. Месяц назад
Degil ağlamak, şu vahşinin yüzüne tükürmek, bırakıp gitmek gerekiyordu. Kalsın çocukla, yenge ve kızının fırıldaklarıyla aptal! Vakit geçmiş, izliyorum gec olsa bile. Güclü gösteriyorlarsa bile aptalın ta kendisi şu dört bin çalışanı olan şirket patronu! Başka bir akıllıyı, vicdanlıyı görmek istiyorum, yine başka bir masal izliyorum türk dizisi adında...
Ilma Morais
Ilma Morais Месяц назад
Espero que Seher faça sofrer a yaman e penar um bocado pois ele é mui cruel, mas creio que Seher tambem saberá mostrar lhe que ela tambem tem seu valor e saberá mostrar lhe, ele a ofendió sem que ela merezca mas creio que ela deve pagar lo com mui despreció mui mui, isto dolerá en tu alma él despreció delera demasiado, él despreció es mejor que palabras cortantes, siempre falo isto, poque que doi no mais profundo principalmente quando ainda existe algum amor 💘. Aaaaa gosto deste ator massss... Não poedo hacer de ciega, que sufra.
Jane Franzen
Jane Franzen Месяц назад
Desgraciadas ese par de víboras, ya que las descubran por favor y paguen por todo lo que han hecho , no es posible que se salgan con la suya, demasiado dolor para la pobre de Seher
Floricica Postica
Floricica Postica Месяц назад
F frumos l-as putea avea tradus exact asa si in romana,,,,multumesc
mariju bulauitan
mariju bulauitan Месяц назад
Everyone inside the Mansion are blind they can’see nor hear. The script writer is so idiot
mariju bulauitan
mariju bulauitan Месяц назад
Why don’t they put video tape recorder to the rooms of two evil sister?
mariju bulauitan
mariju bulauitan Месяц назад
What if she died?She must call Ali and Firat
Fransisca Tejada
Fransisca Tejada Месяц назад
Yaman las personas que no perdonan viven resentidas y nada lo hace feliz. El rencor les hace más daño quien lo lleva , que a quien se les lleva. BENDICIONES
Fransisca Tejada
Fransisca Tejada Месяц назад
Suelta ese ogro.
Fransisca Tejada
Fransisca Tejada Месяц назад
Yaman que orgulloso y resentido eres.
Asiye Gündogdu
Asiye Gündogdu Месяц назад
Cok üzüldüm sehere
Asiye Gündogdu
Asiye Gündogdu Месяц назад
Offf ya sehere cok yazik oldu
lamordaz Месяц назад
Storyliner is near of sadic
Севда Амирова
Севда Амирова Месяц назад
Seher asla Yamani af etme
Дилшод Дилшод
Дилшод Дилшод 18 дней назад
Brenda Naylor
Brenda Naylor Месяц назад
you best believe if this had happened on my honeymoon they would had been a conversation and it wouldnt be rainbows and butterflies.
Brenda Naylor
Brenda Naylor Месяц назад
so there is nothing to fix he destroyed everything she thought was real.
Sandra Botelho
Sandra Botelho Месяц назад
Deixei de assistir Adini Sen Koy, Yemim e agora deixo de assistir Emanet com todo respeito pelos atores dessas novelas que foram maravilhosos, mas não da pra acreditar que uma mulher escreva uma novela deixando tanto uma mulher sofrer assim,ja assistimos inumeras vezes os contantes atacaques a nós mulheres e me recuso a continuar a ver que a senhora Naz continue com esse enredo de denegrir as mulhers, ai fica lindo depois porque o amor perdoa tudo e fica tudo bem a me poupe.Pra mim acho que Naz nunca presenciou as agressões das mulheres e ela não teve nehum sofimento porque pra escrever três novelas com o mesmo enredo de sofrimento de agressões e colocando as mulheres como nada , prefiro outras novelas de outros atores e meus doramas e muito melhor se eu quero ver mulher sofrendo e só ligar no jornal. Quanto aos atores quando estiverem com outros escritores teri o prazer em assistir, principalmente Halil Ibrahin Ceyhan que é um mega ator. Boa sorte pra quem continuar.
Namiq Rəhimov
Namiq Rəhimov Месяц назад
Brenda Naylor
Brenda Naylor Месяц назад
they both agreed to marry for yusuf so neither one has told the other about being in love so why is yaman acting like this is real. cause if he loved her he would had talked to her instead lying about it..
BEATRIZ Месяц назад
Vera Lucia
Vera Lucia Месяц назад
Esse advogado do yamam e bem canalha ele e as cobra está juntos em todas as armações eu não estou mais aguentando.
Vera Lucia
Vera Lucia Месяц назад
Eu no caso dela amando ele mais eu ia embora ficar sendo humilhada .😭😭😭🌹😭🇧🇷👎👎👎
Vera Lucia
Vera Lucia Месяц назад
Quando a verdade vai aparecer agente ficar sofrendo quero ver quando as cobra vão pagar tudo de mal 🐍 que estão fazendo.🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
Rosalina Margonato
Rosalina Margonato 18 дней назад
Sim que seja logo logo
Vera Lucia
Vera Lucia Месяц назад
Se ela souber porque o yamam está tratando ela assim a verdade ia aparecer eu fico com pena dela mais e uma novela .😭🇧🇷
Rosalina Margonato
Rosalina Margonato 18 дней назад
Pois e ne quantas estao vivendo uma novelas na vida real esta ai e uma escola de aprendismo para os homem faz isto com suas esposas
Dorina Skumpija
Dorina Skumpija Месяц назад
Yaman decie iesti atit de superat pe Seher????????????
dominiqu brennus
dominiqu brennus Месяц назад
Poor séher nedim work for ikbal or incompétence
Yacqueline Torres
Yacqueline Torres Месяц назад
Por eso digo este canal también presentó Adini Sen Koy y Omer maltrato, humilló a Zera todo lo que quiso, el final fue muy absurdo los protagonistas Hazal y Erkan salieron de la serie y el final quedó inconcluso en Yemin Reihan murio y luego a la otra le ha tocado sufrir más que la otra y ahora tan linda que estaba esta y miren lo mismo saben yo con Adini lloré hasta el cansancio y ahora estoy igual con esta
Amaliya Nerimanova
Amaliya Nerimanova Месяц назад
Ne soyluyorsunuz lan cooook guzel filim
cassia boçolan
cassia boçolan Месяц назад
Rindo com os comentários,o Ogro é Ogro mas amo ele kkkk quem sabe agora a Sherer aprende a se impor no mundo , dói ver tudo que tá acontecendo mas o mundo é assim sempre tem alguma pessoa pra destruir um amor verdadeiro e ninguém é perfeito ,eu com essas provas acho que matava,não jugo quando o o que tem na mão é incontestável,ela não sabe mas tbm se souber como provar só o sopeiro pra falar toda a vdd o único que pode mudar tudo isso é o Salim então deixei de sofrer que venha a reviravolta e meu casal lindo seja feliz no final sempre é assim se não acaba a graça da trama,a coitada da moça que foi presa por uma mentira tbm ,o oportunista que tá tentando enganar a empregada por ser pobre tudo é a realidade sempre o mal tenta mas o amor vencerá
Priyanka Mittal
Priyanka Mittal Месяц назад
Can anyone explain what happened please
Swastika Banerjee
Swastika Banerjee Месяц назад
I am sorry emanet writer but you destroyed a good series. How are you even going to get them together or if you ever want that god knows. Just going to watch the promos untill something positive happens
Fatma Özturk
Fatma Özturk Месяц назад
İkbal ve Zuhal kiskaçliktan ve hasetlikle kalpleri kararmiş
Chau Le
Chau Le Месяц назад
Actually I'm not watching all episode 126 to 130 . I skip it. So sad i not even want to watching. Only some scene here and there. Because of Yamen and Seher broken heart 😊 one day I go to visit Turkey. With co-vid 19. Can not travel now. Can not go any where . 😟😟😟 from CANADA .
Bernadete Oliveira
Bernadete Oliveira Месяц назад
Espero que esta série não termine como Adini sen koy que tirem os personafem. Esperava que quando a bruxa apareceu na lua de mel deles ele o yaman não tivesse acreditado. Estragaram a serie espero que a escritora volte atraz na decisão dela de colocar yaman contra seher .
Vasilica Andronescu
Vasilica Andronescu Месяц назад
Nu mai traduceti acest seria
Gianna Angius
Gianna Angius Месяц назад
Per cortesia mettete la puntata 131 l'aspettiamo con ansia grazie
Elsa Sarmento Sarmento
Elsa Sarmento Sarmento Месяц назад
Estou a espera dos ultimos capitulos de emanet
Betania Rodrigues
Betania Rodrigues Месяц назад
I Will remove my subscription. It is not possible to follow this drama. It is sad and violent.
Emin Piriyev
Emin Piriyev Месяц назад
Biz Seheri cox sevirik.Onun ölümünü istemirik.xahis edirik Seher ölmesin😪😪😪
Mari luz Villar
Mari luz Villar Месяц назад
por favor en español 🙏
Petronela Cristea
Petronela Cristea Месяц назад
Oh ,bey Yaman, sert vurulacaksin acimasiz gercegin 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Mary Fathima
Mary Fathima Месяц назад
When will the next episode?
Monika a
Monika a Месяц назад
Please I beg you all the team of emanet crew. Today is an international womens day so we women's doesn't deserve what seher is passing through so be kind to us as a woman please make yaman n seher happy for ever. Please make a twist that ikbal. Zohal and selem be exposed in today episode just make a twist that nedem and cenger abi will find the truth it will be a beautiful gift in this very special day
AXEDOV ELÇİN Месяц назад
Kinoda olsa bele Allah Yemanin belasini versin heyatda bele esgiyler coxdu adam nifret edir kinolara baxmaqdan her kesin prablemleri var buda gic gic kinolar
Mimi Aitaro
Mimi Aitaro Месяц назад
Where can I find episode 131?
Mimi Aitaro
Mimi Aitaro Месяц назад
Thank you girl!! Truly appreciated@yasmina aljawhara
yasmina aljawhara
yasmina aljawhara Месяц назад
monday to friday at 07.00 pm turkish time on kanal 7
Edit tv
Edit tv Месяц назад
Türk mü arıyosunuz?BURDAYIMM!!!
Ivana Asenova
Ivana Asenova Месяц назад
Her dizede konusurlar bu dizide sadece bakisirlar 😂😂Yamanda bu suskunla oyle komik duruyor ki nerdese kafafi bir tarafa dura dura boynu kiralacak Seherde askla bakacagina o gozleri oyle buyutur ki sanki sevdigi adami degilde hortlak gormus gibi gercekten cok sacma bir dizi Zuhal kotu kadini oynuyor ama rolunu cok guzel oynuyor gercekten geri kalani bos
Helmi Syahrial
Helmi Syahrial Месяц назад
I want looking bolum 131
Acer Fatma
Acer Fatma Месяц назад
Yaman çok bencil sin ego bazen nefret ediyorum senden yanıdaki Şeytanları gormuyorsun zaten ep öyle oluyor
ام علي
ام علي Месяц назад
مسلسل اخذ عقل المشاهد جميل جميل برغم هذه الحلقة دمرتنا وتلفت اعصابنه من كميت الشر وزعلنه على يمان وسحر
Maria Coprean
Maria Coprean Месяц назад
Vreau sa tradus in română
Raquel Giménez
Raquel Giménez Месяц назад
Por favor subtitular este capítulo por favor!! La espera se hace larga
Amiga todos los días que suben nuevo capítulo entre los miles de comentarios tenemos dos bellas amigas que nos traducen a Inglés y español. Sólo ten paciencia y búscalo entre los miles de comentarios..
lenuta radulescu
lenuta radulescu Месяц назад
8 Martz... meubee 2-3 episods for present????
Red Jen
Red Jen Месяц назад
Why you judged her so easy Yaman 😥
Espero que tengáis la decencia de traducirlo en ESPAÑOL partir de ahora..
@JANETT MONTHZERRAT si,si..gracias
@Ma PILAR LEIVA PEDRO pues amiga es la forma mas rápido para ver la novela y saber que dicen... Por que si no descarga telegram y ahí buscas series turcas. Y allí buscas Emanet.... suben los capitulos subtitulados. Con un dia de atraso....
@JANETT MONTHZERRAT gracias..lo busco siempre pero no es lo mismo
Amiga busca todos los días entre los miles de comentarios la traducción. Tenemos dos bellas amigas que nos traducen a Inglés y español... sólo debes tener paciencia y buscarlo
Ionela Vijelie
Ionela Vijelie Месяц назад
porfa pongais la continuacion de los capitulos en espaniol me encanta la novela
slamwors gaming
slamwors gaming Месяц назад
Uploaded next Episode soon plss
colombo yoyis
colombo yoyis Месяц назад
Yaman tenía razón todo Ka inculpar el busco salidas algo que hicieran caer las pruebas pero no todo Ka inculpaba
Nadziejka Месяц назад
Everyone stay calm this series deals with childhood trauma and how it will be overcome with love, many beautiful scenes awaits for us. Please stop offending Actors and Producers because soon it’s going to have an amazing turn of events! Who doesn’t like is free to leave please stop nasty language towards creators of this beautiful show! It’s unfair! There are many people that understand deep meaning of this and find it fascinating!!!
F Stan
F Stan 17 дней назад
They want to show the effect of childhood trauma yes but it is a disservice to make people hate the victim of trauma. There are a lot of discrepancies here. The told us he does not trust women but every thing he is doing is because he constantly listens and accept the lies from Ikbal and Zuhal. If anything trauma survivors are more understanding of people who suffer pain I do not think it was right to make a trauma survivor in to a domestic valance abuser. It is all wrong.
mannya k
mannya k Месяц назад
I finished this episode in 5 minutes because there is nothing in this to feel good. Disappointed😟😣
Eliane Pires
Eliane Pires Месяц назад
Yaman what anger at you😬👊🏻
Khanza Faris
Khanza Faris Месяц назад
Sukaaa tapi gak ngerti bahasanya 😭😭😭.... PLISS subtitle indonesia 🇮🇩
Aisyah Zamzami
Aisyah Zamzami Месяц назад
Pliss subtitle indonesia 🙏🙏
Omnia Shehata
Omnia Shehata Месяц назад
Nedim?!! 🤔
Savie smor
Savie smor Месяц назад
Nediem...most useless employee of the year. Courtesy: Kirmili Groups. Yaman Kirmli...most duffer and Lazy CEO of the Turkey. Courtesy: Disgruntled viewers. Nazmeye...most deserving candidate for Covid. Emanet Series...Intelligent Writer Wanted. Apply fast.
Stefane Silva
Stefane Silva Месяц назад
Julie Isaeva
Julie Isaeva Месяц назад
What a waste of a show... at least you (writer/director) can realistically give us an example of a woman who is under the control and abuse of a man. A person no longer fights for herself once she feels defeated. This is Seher. Yaman needs psych help- he's beyond what a human can do for him.
Mary White
Mary White Месяц назад
Ms.Naz, why are you destroying you own series???????? Up to 125 you had written a masterpiece. Now with the craziness you have added, you have ruined it for many of us. Can you get it back on track without adding trashy bedroom scenes? I don’t know. Do you even want to make it a success? I don’t know. I do expect that in the future if people recognize you are the writer of any other series, you are going to have a big drop in viewers.
Ana Diaz Carrasco
Ana Diaz Carrasco Месяц назад
Gracias por la traduccio en español ala persona o personas que lo hacen yo tambien comparto tu comentario acerca de yaman o halil es muy guapo
sunshine03 Месяц назад
What an idiot😊While she begins to pull away from him for all his cruel words towards her also the fact that he was almost going to leave her on the street to die. He will fall even more in love and realize the HUGE mistake he made.
Savie smor
Savie smor Месяц назад
Gosh! they have literally done copy paste from their previous work the plot line here. Viewers have also going crazy by giving 1 million views to this episode... now the maker will think public are liking this plot line and will come up with more idiotic plot and more female lead sufferings. Sila better get your eye checked from doctor if you are putting gallons of glycerine in your eyes for this suffering plot and Halil , get your BP checked regularly for playing screaming and anger issue role.
Hiba Noun
Hiba Noun Месяц назад
actually the serie is too good the story alsooo ....buuuut somehow i feel that it's losing her meaning why there is not a normal serie a short serie with a great story somehow i feel that i am lost in those Events it's tooo mutch when i say that every thing it's gonna be ok .ooooooooooooo another illogique problem comes out and this tiiiiime " confidence problem " whyyyyyy when she did know he is just........ a short serie is alsooooo goood at least i prefer to see more and more from "arif baba" and "cenger abe" 's talks and advices it's too meaningful help us to be wise and more patient
Miriela Suazo
Miriela Suazo Месяц назад
Que dolor las palabras de yaman💔💔💔
Teresa Oliveira
Teresa Oliveira Месяц назад
O autor está estragando a história. Está criando um distanciamento enorme entre os dois personagens principais. Que pena. Vai perder a audiência.
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