3x3x3 Mega Spawner! - Minecraft Create Mod #2 

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We make a neat way to multiply our ores and then start work on the Cubed Spawner!!!

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Season 1, Episode 2.



17 май 2021




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Lyarrah Месяц назад
Yaaaaay! The skin looks even better in action, nice! now I can't unsee that furby face.... that converyor system is the essence of the word NYOOOOOOM and I love it :D
Yeet Lord
Yeet Lord 11 дней назад
Ngl I thought it was a pp
Mitchell Kelley
Mitchell Kelley 19 дней назад
Wow that skin! Fantastic
Mae Ang
Mae Ang 24 дня назад
Short Snort
Short Snort 26 дней назад
Another tainted and delusional soul
Torm Isok
Torm Isok 29 дней назад
I think it has more of a wallace and gromit feel than furby
Beckett Smutz-Ulmer
Beckett Smutz-Ulmer 2 дня назад
Jake Thomas
Jake Thomas 4 дня назад
I was gonna say the washer looks like squidward with a moustache
IDK 4 дня назад
7:32 that's doofenshmirtz's inc at the background
IDK 4 дня назад
The machine at 2:00 is a torture device used to slowly crush every part of the body, after crushing the body it will then grind it into small pieces and make it into a patty and of course it automatically cooks it, how nice
Fundamental Convolution
Fundamental Convolution 6 дней назад
Furby, nice lmao
Dinoko Müller
Dinoko Müller 7 дней назад
8:50 ...sometimes you’re gonna have to get a partner to do it for you
Grandma Mommy
Grandma Mommy 8 дней назад
Gotta have a pile of food to use a handcrank.
Jan Jordaan
Jan Jordaan 8 дней назад
That windmill reminds me of Howl's moving castle.
KAME 10 дней назад
i think its time to redo the bed launcher
Bekahoot 10 дней назад
You can reverse the direction of the hand crank by crouching, but honestly it isn't worth it. Using the hand crank uses up your hunger bars very quickly!
Derpy Shark
Derpy Shark 10 дней назад
Why did that zombie look like a cop?
Specialist 12 дней назад
The ore crushing thing looks like Bernie!!!
Specialist 12 дней назад
Or Bertie . . . Iskalls leaf man
Speedness465 13 дней назад
It’s squidward
Toby Bere
Toby Bere 13 дней назад
i like the limited edition steampunk furby
Miles Devine
Miles Devine 15 дней назад
Love the intro
Foxygamer 151
Foxygamer 151 16 дней назад
1:59 honestly i thought it was some sort of contraptions for ore but when he said furby i'm like "hey wait a minute"
Foxygamer 151
Foxygamer 151 16 дней назад
okay maybe i should've watched a little more ahead because it turns out it was both!
Eric Lüthi
Eric Lüthi 16 дней назад
It‘s like assembling a rubiks cube:)
Just Δn ODST
Just Δn ODST 17 дней назад
“Do you know what this looks like? Write down below what you think it looks like... IT LOOKS LIKE A FREAKING FURBY!” *slowly deletes what I was typing*
John Bovee
John Bovee 17 дней назад
@ZedaphPlays You know that you can make the drop chutes 21 blocks deep so it takes the mobs down to 1 health
Brandy Deichert
Brandy Deichert 17 дней назад
Smargio 18 дней назад
Commenting on the video to support the series
Einstein Aylward
Einstein Aylward 18 дней назад
2:08 it's the button's older cousin with two eyes
Ethan 18 дней назад
I love the casual step brothers quote
Jobair Ahmed Jisan
Jobair Ahmed Jisan 19 дней назад
2:13 It looks like wall-e😅
MiNeCrAfT ThE PeOpLe
MiNeCrAfT ThE PeOpLe 19 дней назад
could've just made a minecart with the drill on it it would have been easier to use
ex nihilo
ex nihilo 20 дней назад
that skin is so great and i really think you should never go back! great content zed!
Aidan Baker
Aidan Baker 23 дня назад
you wee turning the crank in the wrong direction lol
Dragon Gamer_Master
Dragon Gamer_Master 23 дня назад
It looks like wall e
Mauro Vandersmissen
Mauro Vandersmissen 23 дня назад
Hey zed what recource packs do you have? The tool durability one is one I've been looking for but I can't find it. What is it and where do I get it?
James MacDonald
James MacDonald 23 дня назад
2:10, I thought you were gonna say Wall-E but I see your point
Andrew Love
Andrew Love 23 дня назад
It doesn’t look like a furby, it looks the the contraption from one of the original Wallace and Gromit, episodes, where the robot bog steals the sheep and then putts them in a machine exactly like that one... it’s the second episode so have ever seen of yours zedaph and you are taking me back to the only she that’s ever given me nightmares!!! All over again I am 5 years old and dreaming of dying on a conveyer belt *Runs of screaming*
Lily Arlatto
Lily Arlatto 24 дня назад
Is there any chance you could give a proper building tutorial on that ore grinding machine?
Travis Smith
Travis Smith 24 дня назад
I believe it should be called the Furbricator...
Your Name
Your Name 24 дня назад
2:00 kinds looks like elmo
Glass Dragon
Glass Dragon 24 дня назад
I'm shure you are aware, but spawners are more effective when sepated. For every mob within the spawn area will reset the spawn timer
Alex Glez
Alex Glez 24 дня назад
this is the perfect mod for Zedaph
cjwardill 24 дня назад
100% Steampunk Engineer. Tango definitely needs to step up his game. Until then you are Zed Techaph.
cjwardill 24 дня назад
When I made something similar I put the spawners down 1 in a row to max distance from player activation. Your spawning cube is absolutely amazing! Unless you absolutely must have spider eyes I find having machine kill spiders for string much safer. Lol
JupiterSky 24 дня назад
It looks like a pe- I mean furby, yeah... Thanks, now it has stained my brain forever.
Rovlemhage 24 дня назад
Honestly I see Johnny five in that ore refining machine myself.
Erik 25 дней назад
Yes, Tango is going full tech. Yes, Zed has a windmill. But no, Zed isn't stone age. He's making effective, efficient contraptions just like Tango. Just had to point that bit out; Zed deserves some tech respect, too.
JustJacob 25 дней назад
...was that.. a Step Brothers reference? Nice.
Jachii 25 дней назад
8:41 u can just crouch + left click to rotate it the other way (i havent wached the whole video yet so sorry if you figured that out already)
Green Maker
Green Maker 25 дней назад
that is not a furby
Crowlex 25 дней назад
1:55 It looks like the cookie monster
Vlasta Sušák
Vlasta Sušák 25 дней назад
If I had a stressometer with a capacity of 4096 I would break it in a day.
LilyJoy _
LilyJoy _ 26 дней назад
Great work! That’s so cool!
Lightman2112 26 дней назад
Tis is the peen
DJ Przybyla
DJ Przybyla 26 дней назад
think the crusher is looking like a villiger face
Customfurball28 26 дней назад
I think that the machine looks like cookie monster XD
Olena Voloshyna
Olena Voloshyna 26 дней назад
I didn't even realize 20 minutes have passed. This is what I have been looking for.
KARL WALLBRUCH 26 дней назад
They’re called cave spiders, not baby spiders.
Justin Todd
Justin Todd 26 дней назад
This series is so cool
Boba O'Riley
Boba O'Riley 26 дней назад
I don't really know what it is but some one will throw a Wall at mE
Nicolas Cazan
Nicolas Cazan 26 дней назад
at 7:45 we can hear zedaph being possessed by Kermit the frog, as his voice completely changes
Raymond Shiner
Raymond Shiner 26 дней назад
I thought it looked like Ricardo the stabbing robot
Asher Warren
Asher Warren 26 дней назад
it looks like mumbo jumbo
PhoenixSparkes Plays
PhoenixSparkes Plays 26 дней назад
It looks like wall-e to me :p
Stacie Marquez
Stacie Marquez 27 дней назад
Actually zed, it would be 1×3³ in order to get your results
Evan Drennon
Evan Drennon 27 дней назад
the moment I saw the ferbie face this was my reaction THE FUCKING HELL AHHHHHHHHHHH
cyber wolves
cyber wolves 27 дней назад
before you say it i think its the wall e robot from wall e
Zach Reed
Zach Reed 27 дней назад
Can we get a more in depth review of the ferbie
Samuel Lillge
Samuel Lillge 27 дней назад
Try putting something dangerous at the bottom of that hole where the mobs sit, then a button to turn it off. A drill or a saw might work well.
ChildishGiant 27 дней назад
It looks just like WALL-E!
jak grim
jak grim 27 дней назад
If you place a fan blowing down over the mob collection hole it will stop the spiders and blaze from ever going up just a little insurance also if you give a mechanical user a sword it’s supposed to count as a player kill Don’t know if it benefits from enchantments. But that might be a fun thing to science out
Sebastian Nitu
Sebastian Nitu 27 дней назад
If he puts it lower the mobs will die either from fall damage or craming damage
Melvin Wackwitz
Melvin Wackwitz 27 дней назад
This is going to be amazing. Will drills kill the mobs for an AFK farm
Erick Snyder
Erick Snyder 27 дней назад
yeah I was going to say cave spiders can fit through a 1/2 slab. found that out on a server while making a farm. I put trap doors and they still got through sometimes. cheeky things. I also used to keep milk in my room for the poison effect.
WheresLee 27 дней назад
Oar washing machine?
Chomper 27 дней назад
Zedaph. Place a bunch of cogs and shafts and stuff in the attic of the windmill so it looks really cool. And maybe make a clock tower that works so you can tell the till of day without the sun!
James Moton
James Moton 27 дней назад
16:54 A trapdoor should be placed on the ceiling in front of the slab that the mobs from the spawner land on in order to reduce the effective vertical gap that is exposed between you and the mobs.
Technoducky _
Technoducky _ 27 дней назад
Adding a slab on the block where the mobs land will stop the baby spiders from escaping and you can add a hopper or hopper minecart under it to collect drops!
Scott Owens
Scott Owens 26 дней назад
Not really. That would prohibit anything from passing through. The real answer is to put an upside-down stair on it. That'll keep out the spiders.
Martin L
Martin L 27 дней назад
Wow this all was only create mod this looks so cool
Wizotok 27 дней назад
That furby face gives em chills...
AnanasPopper 27 дней назад
17:10 you can use snow to fix that the baby spiders stay in
Jared Russell
Jared Russell 27 дней назад
The windmill looks a little small, and making it longer or wider would make it faster
Sem Faes
Sem Faes 27 дней назад
Crusher is pp
Grutar G
Grutar G 27 дней назад
I love that the Zombies are still cops
Chomper 27 дней назад
If Zedaph gives me a heart. I’ll have a heart. And zed will have a new sub! (Edit) that furbbie thing is scary
Zane Bryant
Zane Bryant 27 дней назад
I will gladly watch your side of this series now at first you had my curiosity and now you have my full blown attention
Red Dead1345
Red Dead1345 28 дней назад
8:44 you have to hold shift and right click to spin the other way you can crank the piston you just had the wrong direction
Bagel TV
Bagel TV 28 дней назад
The machine looks like wall-e
Vincent 28 дней назад
Spawner would make a lovely chandelier
Josh Solders
Josh Solders 28 дней назад
Watching this series changed my mind about this mod. At first, I though it was some fad and thought it was some basic mod. After watching you and Tango with this series (especially you), I saw the sheer awesomeness this mod has and I got to learn a lot about you as well. This is a great series and you have impressed me greatly. Thanks for doing this series. Just subbed for this amazing content.
Milan LeDuc
Milan LeDuc 28 дней назад
Its not a proper Zedaph video without a contraption.
Niko Weimer
Niko Weimer 28 дней назад
When I saw this TBH I thought u got suppopseeerrrr lucky by getting a 3cubed spawner
Ryan Despain
Ryan Despain 28 дней назад
Why does his enchanting table setup remind me of the Mickey Mouse clubhouse?
Chase and Cats
Chase and Cats 28 дней назад
Its a furby
Paisleyprint Author
Paisleyprint Author 28 дней назад
The ore thing looks like Iskall's BERNIE
Expostion 28 дней назад
that machine looks like a very stiff.... furby, yea ill go with that
BizzareWorks 28 дней назад
respect for linking the mod and mods that go well with it but also minecraft itself
Leif Walker
Leif Walker 28 дней назад
Next time just plug it into tangos base
Joseph Goldsborough
Joseph Goldsborough 28 дней назад
Ore washing machine reminds me of Deep thought from the OG Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy
Wig 28 дней назад
its not a "traditional spawner cubed" because 1 cubed equals 1 :P you meant times 3 cubed
Gazden Roolay
Gazden Roolay 28 дней назад
You should put a furby shell over the ore cleaner with ears and everything, to fully complete the look. That'd be epic.
creater20225 28 дней назад
question can you make the furby face look even more like a furby face? also how did you do the confaors for the spawners as i need that in my single player modded world.
MAN kid
MAN kid 28 дней назад
1:53 um that look like summin a bit sus
Squishmellow 3
Squishmellow 3 28 дней назад
"can you see what that is?" My mind: To the gutter we go!
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen 28 дней назад
Boo. Down with mods. I've never downvoted one of your videos before but I want to watch vanilla survival, not mods so this one is not interesting to me so it does get a thumbs down.
Joshua Rosen
Joshua Rosen 25 дней назад
@Emma Jayne It's not that I object to mods in general. I just prefer that a Minecrafter whom I associate with vanilla survival didn't do videos about mods. Several of the Hermits have been doing it and it's disappointing to click on a video to find it's something I thought I'd be interested in but am not. Lots of other people already do videos on modded Minecraft. I'd prefer it Zedaph, Xisum, Mumbo etc. stuck to what they are known for and left the others to cover mods.
Emma Jayne
Emma Jayne 26 дней назад
What did mods ever do to you :(
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